Mini-Collection Musings / by Handley Zinsmaster

I've decided to start working on a mini-collection for Spring '19!! *the woman with no budget & poor organizational skills crosses her fingers*

I've just started sketching & nailing down a color story and am really excited to see where this takes me. I've never launched a collection for purchase, and honestly, I am anxious to dive in. I will be doing mostly everything myself, unless some unforeseen good fortune allows for outsourcing certain portions of the project. The sizing will be limited, as will quantity, but I am so happy to be climbing out of my designers blackhole that has taken over for the last year.

The looks will be heavily influenced by classic 1960s style -- simple shapes with big color, playfully sexy and modern, with beautiful tailoring. I want these pieces to say a lot by keeping it simple. I'll be using as many deadstock fabrics as I can find, as sustainability is becoming increasingly important to every aspect of this industry. 

Thanks for checking in!