Happy New Year! by Handley Zinsmaster

Hello 2019! I changed up my look a bit for the new year!

I finished out 2018 by launching my Fuzzy Wuzzy Pixie Bonnets on Etsy, as well as a new version of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Sleepmask. They’re both so adorable and feel so luxurious — I love them!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pixie Bonnet

This winter I’m focusing on getting my new(ish) studio space fully set up, and treating myself to a personal project. The shop will see some new designs come Springtime.

xoxo Handley

Mini-Collection Musings by Handley Zinsmaster

I've decided to start working on a mini-collection for Spring '19!! *the woman with no budget & poor organizational skills crosses her fingers*

I've just started sketching & nailing down a color story and am really excited to see where this takes me. I've never launched a collection for purchase, and honestly, I am anxious to dive in. I will be doing mostly everything myself, unless some unforeseen good fortune allows for outsourcing certain portions of the project. The sizing will be limited, as will quantity, but I am so happy to be climbing out of my designers blackhole that has taken over for the last year.

The looks will be heavily influenced by classic 1960s style -- simple shapes with big color, playfully sexy and modern, with beautiful tailoring. I want these pieces to say a lot by keeping it simple. I'll be using as many deadstock fabrics as I can find, as sustainability is becoming increasingly important to every aspect of this industry. 

Thanks for checking in!




Updates on Hiccup, new designs & the new Hiccup by Handley Instagram! by Handley Zinsmaster

Hi all!

For those who don't know, Hiccup is a one-woman operation based out of Minneapolis, MN. I make everything myself, from the patterns to the fabric sourcing to the actual sewing. Even on a minimal scale, it is a lot of work. Most of my inner circle understand that I've been in a frustrating place with my design work for the last year. What started as a dry spell turned into an indefinite hiatus, which then snowballed into the "Who am I? What am I doing?" mountain. I have mostly worked on small custom pieces for the better part of a year, which I rarely promote or publicize. As summer heat starts to beat down, I'm finding more inspiration and creative flow starting to bubble up inside me again. I have lots of ideas, and will be doing my best to share them here moving forward. Expect some classic vintage inspired pieces, as always, full of whimsy & a touch of sex appeal... the sparkle is on the way! In the meantime, I still have my Animal Cookie pillows available on Etsy and will be relisting PomPom earrings, & Fuzzy Wuzzy sleepmasks!

You can also follow a new Hiccup by Handley instagram feed, which will be brand-exclusive! It will feature my designs, custom work & the occassional inspirational mood board to keep the good vibes flowing. You can follow along at @hiccupbyhandley !

Thanks as always for checking out Hiccup! 




We're on Etsy! by Handley Zinsmaster

We've finally launched an Etsy shop where you can get all the current Hiccup accessories & designs. Our Animal Cookie pillows are finally available for purchase in limited quantities, so snag one before they're gone!